• VPn


    In the modern era of technology, almost every user around the world has access to cheap as well as free internet. The Internet is a virtual world full of opportunities, entertainment, and information which is for the welfare of the people.

    These data and information are stored in servers. But many governments of different countries have restricted many websites and servers to hide the information so that people cannot see it. Many people have blocked servers in order to avoid illegal piracy of movies, songs, and other information.

    In order to tackle this complexity, people use VPN. VPN stands for the virtual private network which helps users to hide their server information and replace it with another remote server which can be based on any other country.

    There are tonnes of VPN application present on different application stores such as 9 applications, Google play store, and Softonic. But the most reliable VPN which is better than other VPN applications is Surfshark VPN which is popular because of its friendly graphical user interface.