Five Best Free VPNs

The services of Free VPNs shall always be used with a certain degree of discretion. It is quite possible for Free VPNs to steal and sell user data to increase their earnings. So a good choice is to opt for a cheap VPN. An even better choice is to field-test a premium VPN on a free-of-charge basis, with a money-back guarantee effective for one month.

Most paid VPN services are offered best vpn service for kodi at less than 10 dollars/month, but for some users this is a prohibitive cost anyway. So, a free VPN is a good alternative to receive some services at no cost despite unavoidable limitations.

Naturally, it is real challenge for any free service to compete with paid services. Nevertheless, the providers discussed below ensure privacy and security of the users’ internet activities.



  • Zero-logging policy
  • Based in Romania
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • IP sharing allowed


  • Concurrent connections are only maintained in the most expensive package
  • Speed limitations

Romanian-based CyberGhost is a solid provider. It offers regular feature and SW updates for free and paid VPN services. Impressive level of security is ensured, among others, by the anonymity of payments: details of user payments are deleted immediately upon processing.

CyberGhost maintains a superb customer support, works out some proprietary security technologies and generously supports promising start-ups in the field of cyber-security.

Despite of speed and connection limitations, CyberGhost is a good and versatile choice.



  • Superb speeds
  • 5 connections can be maintained at a time
  • Convenient software
  • Convenient hotline


  • Limited downloads
  • P2P not allowed

Canadian-based SurfEasy is a true enthusiast of mass-market web-security which is confirmed by its superb free VPN service. All packages, both free and paid, maintain up to 5 simultaneous high-steed connections and comprise easy-to-use clients. In the free version of VPN there is a data limit (500 MBs increasable up to 1.5 GB) which makes it suitable only for moderate use. Another disadvantage is the absence of P2P sharing.



  • Nicely-packed
  • Minimal logging
  • Superb performance
  • Superb ease of use


  • Limited geographic coverage
  • P2P not allowed
  • Limited downloads

Like SurfEasy, TunnelBear is a Canadian-based provider. Both companies offer largely similar prices. TunnelBear‘s VPN service with no P2P sharing is suitable for everyday use.  

However, TunnelBear offers a better customer support and better client SW in comparison to SurfEasy. Three connections can be maintained concurrently; the limit of downloads is up to 1.5 GB. In light of all aspects, it is a very decent free VPN service.

Hotspot Shield


  • Superb SW
  • Ease of use
  • Moderate price for Premium package
  • Free VPN service


  • Free services are limited to U.S.-based servers

Hotspot Shield is a good and versatile provider with a strong commitment to ensure full peace of mind for the internet users. Their free service is very efficient and readily available, with great apps and smart SW for all major operating systems. However, the free version does not maintain Netflix or Hulu access. It is advertising supported, limited to U.S.-based servers, primarily focused on “plain users” and lacks advanced features.



  • Highly-secure paid and free services to ensure anonymity of web activities
  • Ease of installation and operation


  • Essentially, this tool is not a VPN
  • Low connection speeds
  • P2P not allowed

In fact, Tor is a not a VPN service. It was designed and gained popularity as a tool for online activities de-personalization. With the use of its open-source client it is possible to establish web-connections without your identity disclosure, through a distributed network of global users. Anonymously is ensured by Onion Routing, a layered encryption service. Any access requests are routed through at least 3 computers (nodes). All details are constantly encrypted to ensure high security. IP-addresses are randomly chosen from the network of volunteers, so there is even no evidence that someone tries to disguise his/her identity.

The most significant disadvantage is slow connection speed because of global traffic routing which reduces the general system performance as well. Also, there are no P2P sharing options.

With the use of Bitcoin payments, Tor can be utilized on a fully anonymous basis, because in this case no personal details are disclosed to sign up or purchase the VPN packages.

Summary of Free VPNs

Selecting a free VPN, it is required to take in account all accompanying limitations. CyberGhost is the best of the free VPN providers discussed above thanks to high-quality service and not too massive restrictions. It ensures continuous protection and can be utilized according to user preferences. It shall be remembered, though, that the service is automatically disconnected every 6 hours. Other VPN discussed above are a decent choice too. They are offered for free and, thus, can be field-tested without limitations, which is a true advantage for the cost-sensitive users.

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